On-Prem or in the Cloud

Deploy Finlosity on-premises or use the Finlosity Cloud to reduce maintenance and overhead.

The Finlosity Loan Origination System (LOS) is a complete server based solution that can be housed on premises in your own environment or hosted, either on the Finlosity Azure cloud or your own cloud. If you choose to host yourself, our professional services team can get up and running within weeks and provide on-going support to ensure that the Finlosity LOS is tightly integrated into your own systems and processors.

Application API Integration

Use the Finlosity API to seamlessly connect your own loan application to the Finlosity LOS.

Your Site
Our Origination
Our RESTful APIs provide access from your web site to the Finlosity Origination platform. Loan processors and underwriters then view loans from within the Finlosity administration application that provides unparalleled visibility into the loan and borrower.

Integrated Workflow

Dynamically move applications through origination based on gates and rules that ensure all tasks are complete before decisions and funding.

Gate Checks
Track each step of a loan application as it moves from the borrower, through to the loan processor and ultimately the underwriter. Built-in checks ensure that steps must be complete before the application goes from one state to another, providing another level of oversight and control to ensure full compliance and accuracy.

Comprehensive Fraud Prevention

Check borrower identity to ensure you Know Your Customer

Finlosity integrates with a number of verification services that are able to check the real identity of a borrower. Techniques such as Out of Wallet questions and background checks on email, phone, location and past history all help to verify who the borrower is and where to send funds once the loan is approved and on-boarded.

Powerful Underwriting Decision Engine

Automated Loan Decision Engine (LDE) scores every borrower based on credit and personal characteristics.

To be competitive, it is critical to find borrowers that fit the target audience for your business. Central to the Finlosity Loan Origination System is its powerful automated Loan Decision Engine that factors hundreds of data points with different risk matrices to determine the most appropriate borrower for you. Completely configurable, you can tailor the engine to accommodate your company preferences to ensure that loans you process stay within the guidelines of your own organization.

Smart Rate Calculation

Our powerful rating engine rates borrowers based on company specific guidelines to generate tailored offers.

Attracting the right borrower is one important component of a loan origination system, the other important component is the ability to ensure that the rate you offer is competitive, attractive and within company guidelines. As with the entire Finlosity platform, the rating engine is 100% configurable and can be dialed in for different types of loan products and target customers.

Flexible Capital Markets

Fund loans yourself or sell to 3rd party whole loan buyers.

At the end of the loan origination process, companies have the option to either on-board and fund loans themselves (balance sheet lenders) or offer loans up for sale to whole loan buyers via the Finlosity Capital Markets tool. The Capital Markets tool is managed by your company and automatically matches loans to specific buyer profiles. Once matched, loans are batched and then delivered to the buyer, along with corresponding loan details and supporting documentation.

Robust Compliance & Audit Controls

Monitor all borrower communication and correspondence along with federal and state regulations.

On-line lending is highly regulated industry with both state and federal compliance requirements. At Finlosity we understand these requirements and designed the Finlosity LOS from the bottom up to adhere to and comply with all regulations. We do this through a number of methods that include, but are not limited to, tracking all user interaction, changes to an application and enforcement of industry guidelines.